The easiest way to manage group reservations.


Is this your challenge today?

Reams of paperwork, massive spreadsheets, faxes, inefficient processes & time consuming follow-ups. We engineered IdemGroup to automate and streamline your biggest challenges, and to ultimately improve your guests experience.

IdemGroup  is indispensable for event planners and venues providing housing services for events & groups. Suitable for one-off events like corporate meetings, conferences, trade shows or for repeated events like training, recruitment drives or tournaments.

IdemGroup  enables time-saving housing management through a branded booking microsite for guests that improve the guest experience and increase upsell and customer loyalty.

Key Features

Customized guest reservations websites

Group reservations microsites where guests can visit to learn more about your hotel and make their reservation online, when and how they wish within the contracted block and the specific rates and inclusions.

Improved brand experience for your guests over filling in a spreadsheet as their first experience.

Automated reminders to keep you, your customers and their guests on the same page.

Improves productivity for your group organizer from manually managing guest reservations.

Realtime view of all reservations for both the hotel and the group organizer.

Dashboard style reporting for both hoteliers & planners

Realtime visibility into every reservation for both the hotel and the group organizer.

Deep dive into every aspect of your group.

Securely access information from anywhere, anytime.

Your personal built-in robot assistant to collect information

Automated notifications and reminders to ensure your staff receives the right information at the right time, reducing time consuming manual follow-ups.

Reduce time and stress by automating the collection of guest information.

Regular reminders to prompt you & your planners when the release dates are due to maximise the profitability of your inventory.