Powerful event management software.


Connect with thousands of attendees to
improve efficiency, revenue, and loyalty.

Connect with thousands of attendees to improve
efficiency, revenue, and loyalty.

IdemEvents  is an event management toolkit to engage & excite new guests, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Key Features

Event website builder

Promote your event, inform and engage your audience

Create a fully configurable event website with the website module that allows your event to be professionally displayed, marketed and promoted. Whether you need total control over look and feel, or just want to point-and-click your way to a professional website, the website module supports every type of user.

With dynamic and responsive layouts, a thing of beauty to impress your attendees, colleagues and/or clients.

Makes it easy to measure page views, clickthrough rates, conversion rates, demographic information, and so much more.

Organizers can publish and update event details so your attendees make informed decisions to enhance their event experience.

Online registration, ticketing & payments

Maximize event registrations with our simple, yet powerful event registration software.

Opening, entering and sorting out illegible or inaccurate forms can be very time consuming, eliminating manual registration saves hours per event.

Collect payments for tickets using your account or ours. Hassle free, secure transactions to help you sell more tickets.

Increase the volume of attendees by up to 20% because of the ease of access to ticketing.

Contact & email management

Manage, segment and engage contacts thanks to a smart event integrations with MailChimp contact management tool.

Based on any criteria you choose. Updates in real time, making it easier to measure, manage and message them.

Set up reminders & marketing communications in advance to send at the times you dictate.

The preeminent email platform to ensure you get the best deliverability, flexibility & reporting.

Attendee tracking

Instant visibility into who attended your event and what time arrived? Our simple, effective check-in management speeds up the process. No more sheets of paper and lengthy queues.

You want your guests inside the event, not languishing out the front waiting for someone to find your name on a dozen sheets of paper. Speed up the process, a click of a scanner or a search for a name. Fast, accurate, simple.

No more untidy attendee lists to deal with.

Realtime attendance tracking and reporting.

Speed up registrations at the door, no more long queues.

Multiple check-in stations or tablets to speed the process.

Detailed analytics

Collating and measuring your event is a breeze with in IdemEvents. Our powerful reporting and analytics module mean you can measure every detail of your event to calculate your ROI.

Dashboard Reporting: Our business intelligence dashboards are data visualization tools that displays the status, metrics and key performance indicators for each event. View the standard event reports that include, attendee reports, sales reports & marketing reports.

Instantly access Insightful reporting at any point during your event lifecycle.

Work smarter, not harder - save time, no more manually creating reports in various formats and aggregating data by hand.

Central data repository enable a holistic view of every data point.